Kelly Taylor, ABCDT-L2
Certified Professional Dog Trainer

Co-founder and former President and Director of The Boxer Rescue, Inc. Kelly Taylor has been passionate about dogs her whole life. As a child, she grew up around a variety of canine breeds as well as horses. Kelly’s journey began when she rescued a dog that needed a forever home; he changed the path of her life. She started volunteering for a local rescue and adopted her first Boxer. At the time, she was unaware of how reactive he would be. A year after Kelly adopted Memphis, she decided to foster a deaf white Boxer named Treasure through the same rescue. She fell in love and ended up adopting her as well.

Both dogs came with behavioral problems, Memphis was reactive with dogs and humans and Treasure suffered from compulsive disorders with lights, shadows and just about anything that flew, jumped, crawled, hopped or blew. Kelly worked with a dog trainer for years to help both of her dogs adjust to the real world but felt that there was more that she could do for them and for the breed. Motivated by her dogs, she co-founded The Boxer Rescue, Inc.

As the rescue began taking in Boxers, they noticed the array of behavioral problems the surrendered dogs had. She decided to further her education to become a certified dog trainer. This additional skill would not only help her with her own dogs but also assist the rescued dogs to find permanent homes.  Through the use of positive reinforcement training, Kelly worked with the foster homes and adoptive homes to help make the transition easier for the families and for the rescue dogs by helping them resolve and manage behavioral problems such as, fear, separation anxiety and reactivity.

Although both of Kelly’s foundation dogs have passed on to Rainbow Bridge, Kelly has two new additions to her family.  Halo, a 4-year old white, deaf Boxer and Henry, a 3-year-old male Boxer.  Kelly enjoys taking classes with her dogs and is currently working with them in agility, competition obedience and fitness.

Kelly graduated Animal Behavior College with honors and has recently achieved her L2 certification.  She continues her studies in all areas of training and attends classes and seminars on a regular basis. She is an ADPT member, an AKC member, and an AKC Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.